Inappropriate for Buffalo Meat Consumption

Indonesian Market Traders Association (Ikappi) believes buffalo meat imported to be brought in General Company Logistics Agency (Bulog) will not be accepted by society.

Ikappi Chairman Abdullah Mansuri said, the reason why the buffalo meat imported will not be sold is just the usual habits of the people who consume beef or chicken.

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However, the government still assign Bulog to import buffalo meat imported 10,000 tons this month, with the aim able to suppress the surge in prices of beef are still high today.

The regular baseball community. Look outward, the water buffalo to plow rice fields considered. So baseball will be in demand and hard to be accepted by society, said Abdullah when contacted Okezone.

Abdullah continued, despite the buffalo meat sold cheaply or have a sense of incredible meat palatable, remains the benchmark when people want to eat meat is beef or chicken.

So it’s hard to change that benchmark. The government instituted on consumption of fish as a substitute for meat alone does not work, how about the buffalo, which is the benchmark for plowing, he said.

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