Minister Threatens Susi Back Back

Minister of Marine and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti affirm zero tolerance for foreigners who take fish in Indonesian waters. Susi was ready to risk his position, when foreigners can take the fish in Indonesia.

I am ready to resign, if to capture fisheries given to foreigners, said Susi in Widya Chandra Jakarta, Thursday (04/08/2016).

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Susi explicitly say, any form of fishing, when it involves a foreigner, you can bet it will be banned. Susi insists fishing was only for local fishermen.

We want sustainable fisheries. So be disciplined. I am not anti-foreign, but alien has been given a place in the fish processing, he said.

Previously, Susi threatened to resign if the policy implementation of fishing quotas can not be realized. According to him, fishing with quota restrictions will clear customs free fishing as is the case today.

Furthermore, Susi also threatened to resign if the use of fishing gear (API) trawl hela (trawling) legalized.

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