4 Secrets Beauty of Powder Coffee,

kopi hijau biji
Jakarta coffee has a distinctive flavor and aroma not only help combat excessive sleepiness during the day or night. The use of coffee was saving benefits to maintain the beauty of the skin naturally.
Their use can also be formulated alone at home, can also be used as a hair conditioner, body scrubs, to lip moisturizer. As reported Boldsky page, Monday (30/05/2016) coffee beans not only acting as oil eliminator but was also able to reduce cellulite in women.
Here there is an interesting trick in using coffee beans to meningatkan female beauty:
1. exfoliation
The rough texture of the coffee powder is a natural substance nan perfect for exfoliator (exfoliation which aims to remove dead skin cells, unclog the skin and causes the appearance of acne, improving blood flow in the face which automatically brightens the skin on the skin).
For better results you can combine the beans with olive oil or water and mix until all the ingredients thicken. Start by rubbing the mixture on the skin of the face and rinse after a few minutes.

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2. Hair Dyes
If you want to have brown hair color, nothing wrong with using coffee beans as a natural ingredient of hair dye. By combining coffee powder with a conditioner product and put it on the scalp will give satisfactory results.
Let stand for about 5 -10 minutes, then rinse.
3. Prevent Cellulite
Cellulite is happening around the surface of the skin can also be solved with the coffee powder. Mix coffee powder with water until thickened and then rub on the skin that are cellulite.
Let stand for a few minutes and you’ll get the skin toned and beautiful when performed as routine as possible.
4. A facemask
Coffee is also used as a natural face mask. You can make yourself at home every want to pamper your skin. The content of coffee when in contact with the skin will help tighten the skin.
Simply by mixing coffee powder with raw honey and yoghurt and stir until blended. Apply it on your face and leave for 30 minutes. After dries rinse with cold water.

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