4 Steps to Healthy and Beautiful Coffee Powder,

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Jakarta You’ve heard the benefits of coffee grounds as fertilizer for crops not? But not only can nourish plants, coffee grounds can also create a healthy and beautiful skin and your hair.
Here are four ways to make the body healthy and beautiful with coffee powder, quoted from page Organic Authority, Sunday (05/15/2016):
1. Smooth and make hair shiny
Before shampooing using your favorite shampoo, apply a handful of coffee grounds to wet hair. At first it might seem strange, coffee rub into the hair. But the coffee powder is good for hair health. After completion of the hair smeared with coffee, rinse hair.
Coffee grounds will clean the hair of residual chemicals from hair products that you use regularly. As a result, you will feel more soft and shiny hair.
Do not use this method on the in-bleaching hair or colored blonde because coffee can so darken your hair color.

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2. Overcoming cellulite
Use a scrub or body scrub made from coffee to overcome the problem of cellulite. Combine the following ingredients to make natural body scrub:
1/2 cup ground coffee
1 tablespoon wine
1 tablespoon tincture
A few drops of ginger extract and seaweed extract
Mix sea salt (sea salt)
Caffeine in coffee grounds helps improve circulation to get rid of excess water from the skin and makes it look more toned and cellulite disappear.
3. exfoliates skin
Use coffee grounds as a scrub to exfoliate the dead. You can mix it with olive oil to get a softer scrub. Coffee body scrub will make your body and skin fresher.
4. Facial
No need expensive treatments in the spa to get a shiny skin. You can use coffee grounds for herb own facial at home. Page Organic Authority to prescribe the herb facial quoted from the blog Crunchy Betty.
2 tbsp coffee powder
2 tbsp cocoa powder
3 tablespoons milk, thick cream or yoghurt
1 tbsp honey
Mix all ingredients and place on the face and gently massage a moment before letting it for 15-20 minutes. Rinse face thoroughly.
Coffee and chocolate mask is efficacious shrink pores and reduce facial oil. The content of the coffee in the mask reduces puffy, whereas the cocoa powder, honey, and milk is moisturize the skin. This mask can try in the morning.

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