7 Facts Unique Coffee,

manfaat kopi bagi ketahanan tubuh
Jakarta Coffee is the most popular drinks in the world. More than 400 billion cups of coffee consumed by the world population each year. But, how are you familiar with this distinctive flavored drinks?
Here the unique facts about coffee that you may not know, was launched from the site Thekitchn, Monday (11/05/2015).

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1. During the morning, your body does not need coffee
The body naturally produces cortisol, a hormone associated with waking, when people wake up in the morning. That is, if you drink coffee in the morning, caffeine has no effect whatsoever on the body. So when should you consume coffee to get a caffeine effect? Wait until the sun is a little high, when the amount of cortisol the body decreases.
2. Actually, not the caffeine of coffee you want, but the effects of caffeine on adenosine
Ever thought why coffee gives a certain feeling after you drink it? It relates to conditions that occur in the brain. When active brain and neurons are released, these neurons also produce adenosine. Your nervous system to monitor the levels of adenosine. When feeling noticeably increased levels of adenosine, the brain decreases, causing drowsiness or slowed performance. But, because caffeine attached to the adenosine receptors, the brain can not detect levels of adenosine to keep functioning optimally.
3. Honeybees also liked the coffee
Research shows that honeybees are interested in caffeine. Even caffeine positively affects long-term memory honeybees.
4. The astronauts got a special cup to drink coffee in space
Scientists from Portland State University makes special glasses for astronauts that they can still enjoy a coffee while in space. But the zero-gravity coffee cups printed with a three-dimensional printer engine is very expensive, it costs about 500 dollars per glass.
5. Caffeine naps` `very effective
Want to get the maximum benefit from your brief nap? Drink coffee before nap. Researchers found that drinking coffee followed by a nap for 15 minutes to make people feel very awake afterwards.
6. The noise in the coffee shop enhances creativity
Bustling atmosphere proved to be positively enhances creativity. That is why you can be very productive if `menumpang` finishing work at the coffee shop.
7. Black coffee spilled easier than beer
Never try to present a full cup of black coffee? It’s hard to not spill keeping to one side, is not it? Researchers prove, are less likely to spill beer than coffee because it contains foam.

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