Acceptance CPNS 2016 Still Wait Finalize

BANDUNG – Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (Ministry of PAN-RB) describes related CPNS 2016. Mainly because of the rise of news related recruitment is still confusing.
PAN-RB Minister Asman Abnur say, the emptiness of employees annually on average to reach 100 thousand employees, the number of total ASN (civilian state apparatus) of 4.5 million. Figures that void, including employees who retired or died.

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The numbers are growing every day, including those retired or died. We analyze the needs, ratas I gave at the end of this month there is a decision about acceptance, he explained.
According to him, the ministry still must calculate how much needs ASN. We calculate how the needs and requirements of course, is still awaiting final approval, he said.
Deputy apparatuses Wangsaatmaja Setiawan said, related to the procurement of employees in 2016, which is also a priority program of the ministry or the quick win, insists that this time has not been decided. In the near future we will decide, he said.

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