Aher Promote Coffee Jabar in Egypt Economy

Bandung- West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan or Aher introduce and promote coffee and tea in the Office of the Embassy of Indonesia in Egypt is characterized by the provision of tea and coffee from Aher to the Ambassador to Egypt Helmi Fauzi.
Coffee and tea from West Java, it is proper worldwide. Because the quality and taste has been recognized worldwide, Ahmad Heryawan said in a press release on Sunday (5/6).
Aher said forward prlu focus is the development of open network world market. Coffee Jabar recently become a champion in the world coffee festival, said Aher.
He hopes, as well as citizens of West Java Embassy in Egypt in order to contribute to socialize tea and coffee. Currently there are about 3,800 Indonesian youths studying in Egypt. It becomes an opportunity to socialize Jabar local wisdom in the agribusiness tea and coffee, he said.
Aher been to Egypt accompanied by Head of Jakarta Manpower and Transmigration Jabar Ferry Sofwan, Kadisdik Jabar Asep Hilman, Regional Assistant Regional Secretary of Public Welfare Jabar Ahmad Hadadi, Acting Commissioner of Bank BJB Klemi Subiyantoro.
Special to farmers, it has agreed with the Bank BJB to shore up its capital sector. According to him, Bank BJB ready to pick up the ball to the farmers who need capital.
He further stated Egypt is a country that has a strong relationship with Indonesia. Egypt was the first country’s most recognized the independence and sovereignty of the Homeland. It certainly signifies even our nation has a strong relationship with Egypt, he said during a visit at the Embassy of Egypt.
Meanwhile Ambassador to Egypt Helmy Fauzi welcomed the idea of ​​socializing products Aher in their local wisdom. He said he supports the idea. True, many students from West Java who lectures in Egypt. We will urge them to immediately pass that contribute to the country, he said.

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