Airports Karawang Built 2015

The government expresses its sincerity to develop the airport in Karawang, West Java. If nothing gets in the way, the airport will begin construction in 2015 mendatang.Itu new 2015 started to be built, since 2014 Airport Railway was completed (renovation), said DGCA Ministry of Transportation (MoT) Herry Bakti when met at the Jakarta Convention Center ( JCC), Jakarta, Wednesday (29/08/2012).

Train Without a driver in the Airport Railway DibangunAirAsia Start Move to Terminal 2E and 2F Starting August 12 2016TERPOPULER Airport Railway Ready to Fly 100 Aircraft / JamHerry continued, this time in Karawang airport development plan is still under study. However, he was optimistic that in 2015 the airport in east Jakarta is starting dibangun.Selain the airport in Karawang will be used to support the capacity of Soekarno Hatta Airport in Cengkareng, Tangerang. He explained that after the operation later, the airport in Karawang will be able to accommodate about 100 million passengers per tahun.Sama with Soetta, might stage I, 30 million passengers after it could be up to 100 million, it can also, paparnyaDia also added, to the airport in Karawang this will be intended for domestic and international flights. Both domestically and internationally, he said.

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