Asbestos roof, Cheap But Dangerous!

The use of asbestos roof is now becoming obsolete. A material that is inexpensive compared to other like roof tiles. However, the use of asbestos was started to ditinggalkan.Pada housing today, the use of asbestos roof has begun to be reduced. Besides harmful to health, the roof of asbestos as well as hot and hard to break. The only advantages of asbestos only a relatively cheap price, said Sales Consultant Partner 10 Fatmawati, Atip Abdullah told Okezone, Thursday (10/31/2013).

Tunjang Infrastructure, Capacity of Precast Concrete Industry DitingkatkanProdusen Gypsum France Stakes Sales 20% in IndonesiaHanya in Indonesia, Gypsum Used for Ceiling Instead DindingNamun if you are forced to use asbestos roof because of the minimal cost, there are several ways to reduce the negative impact of the use of this asbestos roof. According Atip, if one family member is children, you can use aluminum foil bonded asbestos to coat the bottom and hold to asbestos particles are not inhaled. The negative impact of the asbestos roof is indeed a new look about 20-30 years, he said.

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