Bamboo Material Excellence

BAMBOO not just any material. There is more value contained in it, which might not you get another material. Philosophy bamboo containing its own meaning, no doubt a measure of how bamboo is a good material and strong enough to be used as building materials, for both interior and exterior design.

The Greens in KantorMenciptakan Angle Shades Dramatic resort RumahEfek LightingBila tangible bamboo as a crop, not only will beautify the park, but also a producer of oxygen at most compared to other tree species normally found in the garden area. Meanwhile, if you utilize bamboo as a complementary element of the home, such as partitions, walls, or complementary furniture, bamboo is able to add value to the furniture that looks ordinary. Moreover, its shape is like a pipe made of bamboo so much stronger force than other materials. Although bamboo is a material that is strong, but it also has disadvantages in detail the connections. That is, if you want to use bamboo as a structural material, you should first master the character of bamboo. Therefore, the connection antarbambu strung up the structure has a certain degree of difficulty so it takes extra mastery in applying the material as a structural material. Uniquely, this weakness could also make bamboo become prominent. That is, the point of connection between the bamboo and bamboo else usually after nailing also tied with ropes made from fibers. Thus, the combination is what will make the more exotic bamboo to be exposed and used in buildings. (Ttiti Sa / Newspapers SI)

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