Buy Cow Sacrifice Free Fishing Fish

In the midst of the economic crisis that hit the nation’s current sales of sacrificial animals in Palembang survive. Sacrifice purchasing power for this year slightly decreased due to factors berbarangan to go to school.

To bang sacrificial animal buyers, sellers of sacrificial animals presents a consolation prize fishing for free in cattle sales locations.

The minister said the essence of Eid al AdhaMenhub Enggar Budi maknai Eid Sacrifice Out of Zone NyamanMenakar Price Cow Owned BI governor

Entering the final week of Eid al-Adha this year, sales of sacrificial animals is only slightly lower than last year. But the economic crisis that hit the nation today tdak reduces the purchasing power of people to continue to implement and bought sacrificial animals.

And to bang buyers of sacrificial animals, one of the sellers of sacrificial animals, Edy Siswanto setting up a free on-site fishing pond where she sells sacrificial animals. Buyers can direct fishing for catfish and carp it up to take home. It aims to create a sense of comfort and familiarity between buyers and sellers.

In addition to a clean and healthy cow, this place prepared a place for entertainment and hobbies like fishing as a gift, said Edy.

He continued, of the 300 cows that provide, until recently sold about 250 cows. He admitted there was a slight decrease compared to last year.

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