Cardiologist: Drinking Coffee Not Make People Died,

kopi hijau bromo
Jakarta On social media is now being crowded news about the death of a woman named Mirna after drinking coffee in a coffee shop in the shopping center Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Metro Tanah Abang Police are still studying the causes of death of Mirna.

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Mirna because they were newlyweds just married in December 2015. Reportedly on social media, he had died after drinking coffee in a fancy mall in Jakarta. According to a friend who drank coffee with Mirna, the young woman sipping coffee when new once felt there was something strange about the taste.
When they drink coffee, time show at around 16:50 pm. Shortly after drinking coffee strange taste to it, Mirna directly convulsions, until taken to the Hospital Abdi Waluyo. Unfortunately, Mirna lives can not be saved. Mirna died on Wednesday afternoon, January 6, 2015 at 18:00.
Until now, both the Metro Tanah Abang Police and RS Abdi Waluyo not dare to make a statement about the death of Mirna, whether for coffee or anything else.
Even so, this news certainly makes coffee lovers a bit worried. And raises the question, right beverages containing caffeine can invite death?
The specialist heart and blood vessels of the Harapan Kita Hospital, Siska Suridanda Danny, insists you should not be afraid to consume coffee. Therefore, there was never any direct people died because of drinking coffee. Indeed, there is the possibility of someone disturbed heart rhythm after drinking coffee. But this is very rare.
                                              In very rare cases, coffee may induce heart rhythm disorder or arrhythmia. However, arrhythmias generally mild and do not cause death, said the doctor Siska Health- when contacted on Friday (01/08/2015).
According to Siska physician, who blaze usually tachycardia arrhythmia, the heart beat faster. In this condition a person feels palpitations and discomfort in the chest.
So actually what safe levels of coffee consumption? According to Dr. Johnson, a professor at Johns Hopkins University, United States, you are asked to limit coffee drinking no more than four cups per day.
                                              If you drink up to 4 cups of coffee a day and does not cause side effects, the dosage is right for you, the doctor said Johnson. **

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