China SOE Revenues Exceed Budget RI

Former Minister of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), Mr. Abeng said revenue SOE Chinese bamboo curtain or larger than the State Budget (APBN) Indonesia.Seluruh Chinese SOE profits entirely USD1.208 billion. Higher than our national budget, said Tanri at Grand Sahid, Jakarta, Monday (08/09/2014).

Commission VI Call the Minister of Trade, Menkop SMEs, and Chief BKPMDPR Approve Budget Accountability Report 2015Hasil Audit Must I was placed in the Budget Report 2015Tanri said revenue 141 SOEs Indonesia was still inferior to Petronas revenue, which managed to donate 40 percent of the state budget to the Malaysian government. The advantage to Petronas has been out of taxes and royalty with earnings of USD20 miliar.141 our SOEs including Pertamina, only produce not to generate $ 10 billion. Means 141 state firms, including Pertamina, only half of the profits of the companies in Malaysia (Petronas), tambahnya.Oleh Therefore, he suggested the Indonesian government to fix macroeconomic Indonesia. According to him, in terms of policy, should Indonesia make policies friendly to negara.Baru entrance to the micro, there is no process to increase value-added businesses, between macro and micro must be synchronous. Sync is in need of an elite desire. Politically we want to pro-people. Create an anti-mafia policies. Create a policy to support value-added, the lid.

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