Cigarette prices Bakal So 50,000?

The Directorate General of Customs (DJBC) is reviewing the proposed increase in cigarette prices doubled or Rp 50 thousand per pack. Echelon Unit should consider in terms of the economic aspects if you want to raise cigarette excise tax so that companies are forced to sell cigarettes for them.
Cigarette prices to Rp 50 thousand per pack is one of the references are communicated, said Director General of Customs, Heru testifying in his statement.

Illegal cigarettes harms State Rp135,55 MiliarSri Mulyani cigarette smoking harms health MasyarakatHarga Not Up Rp50 thousand, Just Up 12.26%
According to him, the government should consider the proposal not only in terms of health, but also from the economic aspect, such as industry, farmers and the sustainability of employment.
So we have to communicate with all stakeholders, both pro and pro-health industry, farmers because there must be a tug there. If only listen to one of them, could bankrupt it, said Heru.
The increase in the price of cigarettes is too significant to be a negative impact for the industry. Even other adverse effects, he continued, widespread trafficking or smuggling of illegal cigarettes.

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