Coffee and Green Tea Reduce Risk of Stroke Green Tea and coffee can help reduce the risk of stroke,

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especially if the two types of beverage that is consumed regularly by the dose tertentu.Demikian research results published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, Saturday (16/03/2013) mentions , This is the first large-scale study that studied the effect of a combination of green tea and coffee on stroke risk, said Yoshihiro Kokubo, head of the research team at the National Centre of Cardiovascular and Neuroscience, Japan. You can make a little change of lifestyle by incorporating green tea as a beverage daily to reduce the risk of stroke. Researchers analyzed the drinking habits of green tea and coffee at 83 269 adults in Japan and monitor them for at least 13 years. They found that the more people drink green tea or coffee, then the lower the risk of developing stroke.Orang who drank at least a cup of coffee a day, had a stroke risk 20 percent lower than those who rarely drank. Those who drank at least two-three cups of green tea a day 14 percent lower risk of stroke and those who drank at least four cups of experienced 20 percent less likely to develop stroke than those who rarely drank. Those who drank at least two cups of coffee or two cups of green tea a day reduce the 32 percent risk of bleeding in the brain than those who rarely drank both types of drinks tersebut.Perdarahan in the brain occurs when the blood vessels in the brain burst, causing internal bleeding brain, and 13 percent of strokes result from the bleeding. Participants were monitored in the study were aged between 45-74 years, with almost the same gender, also free of cancer and jantung.Selama 13 years of monitoring, researchers reviewed the medical records of participants issued by the hospital, as well as record the cause of death, gathering Data stroke.Temuan heart disease and they are synchronized with the data for age, sex, lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, body weight, diet and activity olahraga.Teh and coffee are the most consumed beverage in the world after water, so allegedly results of this study will be the same when applied in the United States and other countries, the researchers said. It’s unclear how green tea can affect the risk of stroke. The content of catechins in tea might be protective, said mereka.Katekin contain antioxidants, antipembengkanan, increases plasma antioxidant ability and influence antitrombogenik. (Abd / IGW)

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