Coffee Drinking 5 cups a day could Deadly

kopi yang aman buat jantung
How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day? If it had been up to five cups beware. Although he drank coffee is good for health, but if you drink up to five cups a day you run the risk of obesity and chronic diseases so that die cepat.Penelitian see five cups of coffee can hoard of harmful fats doubled around organs in the abdomen. And the danger, the kind of fat can cause kematian.Suatu compounds in coffee are known as chlorogenic acid (CGA) is considered to have health benefits, such as preventing diabetes. CGA can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood pressure and body fat accumulation. But a new study finds, too much coffee can accumulate in fat and problem lainnya.Seperti quoted on Monday (5/27/2013), researchers from the WA Institute for Medical Research and the University of Western Australia hopes to prove the benefits coffee for cardiovascular, but instead found that it could worsen obesity and related diseases dengannya.Para researchers found that mice given doses of five cups of coffee for humans develop fat viscelar doubled. The most dangerous form of fat that often accumulate in the abdominal organs. The real message is that we must be wise in eating and drinking. Because if excessive, it would be dangerous to health. Three to four cups a day seems still can reduce the risk of developing diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, but the rest is not recommended, says Professor WAIMR Profeseor Croft.Asisten Vance Matthews said five cups of coffee a day have a tendency to gain weight, especially in the case visceral.Menurutnya fat, even though people do not look fat but can have dangerous amounts of fat around his stomach. This causes diabetes, heart disease and other health problems. There are many people who look quite slim but they have fat accumulation in certain cells around the organs and the heart, said Prof Matthews. This can be aggravated by too much coffee. (Mel / *)

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