Coffee from elephant dung,

minum kopi pagi
cup 500 Thousand imagine if you drink coffee made from animal waste. Yes, in Indonesia there had coffee out of the civet dung. This type of coffee is called the civet coffee. Many people like to kind of coffee because it gives a distinctive taste and is different from coffee biasa.Namun, what would happen if a coffee drink made with basic ingredients of elephant dung? New imagine it, you would have felt strange and disgusted. Let alone drink it. As reported by Oddity Central, a group of people have an idea that could be considered crazy, that makes the beans from Thailand elephant dung. Elephants were fed the fruit of the coffee tree and then the elephant manure produced recycled into coffee beans. However, this does not violate the theory of knowledge. A study also states that enzymes in the stomach elephant will break down the proteins present in coffee beans. Protein become one of the main factors that cause a bitter taste. When the protein content was split, then the bitter taste that was lessened. Coffee beverages produced from elephant dung has a delicate flavor, such as blends floral aroma with chocolate. It was also delicious, like mixing chocolate milk, beans, and equipped with aroma of spices and red fruit. Uniquely, coffee drinks named Black Ivory is sold at a price of $ 1.100 per kilogram (about Rp11 million) or $ 50 per cup (about 500 thousand). Surely you wonder why so expensive? They have several reasons, namely the elephants were cultivated in the nature reserve are not cheap and they are just fed Thai Arabica coffee beans are grown at an altitude of 5,000 feet. In fact, to produce 2.2 pounds of coffee beans, the elephants have to consume more than 72 pounds of coffee cherries. Manure produced the elephant was also not always favor to be processed into coffee. That’s what makes Black Ivory are sold at very mahal.Sampai today, this unique type of coffee you can only meet in the four venue in the world, namely three in the Maldives and one in Thailand. Maybe the price is too high for you, but it does not hurt to try it. (Abd)

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