Coffee Mendunianya Sidikalang,

hubungan kopi dan begadang
Jakarta Coffee Sidikalang already well known to foreign countries because the quality is good, not even a little bit different brands famous coffee made from coffee from the area.
                                              Dairi famous coffee which is worldwide the Coffee Sidikalang. This potential should be kept together we defend and develop, said Acting Governor of North Sumatra (North Sumatra), Tengku Erry Nuradi in Sidikalang Friday, when opening a cultural feast Njuah-njuah Dairi 2015.

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He said the entire potential of cultural and commodities owned Dairi should continue to be developed and adhered to by all parties in the region, such as the name Coffee Sidikalang and Dairi Frankincense is also already have a name in the international.
Through cultural festival held by the local government, it is expected many benefits for the improvement of the economy and the culture itself, as well as local wisdom should be maintained to stem the culture from the outside.
                                              Dairi regency should be more active dissemination and promotion of all the wealth potential of each region and culture events through social media, online media and internet, he said.
He acknowledged many weaknesses that had occurred particularly in the manufacture of integrated event brochure of all the districts / cities in North Sumatra.
                                              In the future there will be a calendar of events throughout the day’s activities so or cultural festival all regions. Thus tourists can find a calendar of events that is consistent in Sumatra so as to increase tourist visits to North Sumatra, he said.
Head of the Department of Tourism Culture Youth and Sports Dairi, Leonardus Sitohang said the cultural festival as well as an effort to introduce more cultural potential that exist in that area.
To enliven the event, also held various competitions and cultural performances, including a photo contest with the theme I culture and Dairi, pelleng cooking contest, cooking contest ginaru, and the colossal dance.

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