Coffee Sachet Packaging Containing Corn?

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Jakarta Society should need to understand that most of the coffee in the packaging (sachet) on the market, all its content instead of pure coffee. There may be pure, but not all, it means there is rarely pure. There are some packaged coffee products that abortion is still disguised. Whether it is the content of the coffee, krimernya, including cereals and corn in it, said one player Coffee certified Q-Grader and Roaster, Yayang when dihubungin Health- on Tuesday (03/02/2015) More Yayang said once in there are a number of packaging which states that the packaged coffee has been through both the Food and Drug Administration of the Republic of Indonesia (BPOM-RI), advised that people do not just believe it. Precisely when there are a number of BPOM, BPOM who should be questioned, said Yayang menambahkan.Anggota Special Coffee Association of Indonesia is actually openly eager to test the amount of coffee in the packaging chosen randomly in independent laboratories and the laboratories of the BPOM. Supposedly that happened was the same result. Fair-fairan only. Want to be checked and reserved BPOM independent laboratory should be no difference. Almost certainly there are chemical elements, said Yayang menerangkan.Meski so, it is difficult to expect our society away from the coffee in the packaging. In addition to practical, packaged coffee prices are very cheap.
Nutritionist from Siloam Hospital, Dr. dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, Sp.GK, say, no matter what kind of coffee, certainly contains caffeine. When brewed tasted very sweet moment, it is definitely very high sugar content.

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As alluded to whether the coffee that is in a same coffee that comes from 100 percent pure, Samuel just say it all depends on the honesty of the manufacturer. Is it pure coffee, it all depends on the honesty of the manufacturer. If honest, using the coffee was really pure. Otherwise, would pass a chemical process. Well, the chemical process is not good, said Samuel. What danger will be felt, bright Samuel, depending on the chemicals being used.

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