Coffee You Can Be More Than Bergula Soda,

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Jakarta you may already know, often drink soda are harmful to health. However, a recent study found, your favorite hot drink may contain more sugar.
A new survey conducted in the UK health watchdog group Action on Sugar describes the sugar content in the popular hot drink. And the result was surprising.

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These last few survey findings, quoted by Glamour, Monday (22/02/2016), which indicates how many teaspoons of sugar in each cup of your favorite beverage:

Starbucks venti white chocolate mocha, 18 tsp
KFC Mocha, 15 tsp
Starbucks venti chai tea latte, 13 tsp
McDonald’s large mocha, 11 tsp
McDonald’s large latte toffe, 8 tsp

For comparison, a bottle of Coca-Cola contains 8 teaspoons of sugar.
Whilst the surprising results of this survey, a registered dietitian and certified nutritionist, Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CEO of NY Nutrition Group, said he was not surprised. There is a reason why these drinks are popular, he said. The high sugar content not only make the drink earlier tasted better, but also provide additional energy that is combined with caffeine which is already present in coffee and tea earlier.
Moskovitz says you can become addicted to drinks earlier.
Diet guide new American advised to get the calories you no more than 10 percent of the sugar. If you have a diet with intake of 2000 calories, that means you should not consume more than 10 teaspoons of sugar per day.
Sugar-sweetened beverages are generally worried because they can enter your bloodstream quickly, and raise your blood sugar drastically.
Eating too much sugar also have long-term adverse effects, such as heart disease, obesity, tooth decay, diabetes type 2, and inflammation in the body that is often associated with cancer risk.
But Beth Warren, author of the book Living a Life with Real Food Real said, although the drinks had only had a bit of good nutrition, not hurt you eat them occasionally.
                                              You can always make a bad choice for the better by getting rid of unhealthy abortion, he said. So, instead of sugary drinks consumed in large portions, choose a smaller version. And ask your barista to not add the whipped cream on top.

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