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Bill Gates back was asked to be the richest man in the world. USD79,2 billion net worth Rp1.026 trillion or equivalent (Rp12.963 per US dollar exchange rate). In fact, Bill and his wife Melinda Gates is known as a generous or philanthropic fond of charity.
The amount of money they spend on donations is also not small. Both also has his own foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. However, his wealth has increased. For example in 2013, Bill Gates donated as much as $ 28 billion to the foundation.

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Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft, the largest PC manufacturer in the world. Lastly, he still pocketed four percent of Microsoft shares were worth more than USD13 billion.
Not only that, he also got a wealth of investment company, Cascade Investment. The investment company is run by the trust Gates, namely MIchael Larson.
Interestingly, Carscade only one investor, namely Bill Gates. Cascade themselves invested heavily in the world’s leading companies.
A quarter of the assets of Bill Gates parked on Warren Buffett’s company, Berkhsire Hathaway. Reportedly, the amount is greater than the value of the remaining shares in Microsoft.
Not only that, Gates also has other investments, including $ 3.5 billion in Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking. He also invested $ 2 billion in hotel chain Four Seasons which is majority owned by Prince Alwaleed.

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