Crop Budgets, Sri Mulyani Apologize

The government plans to cut the budget for Non-Priority Rp133,8 APBNP trillion in 2016. However, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani make sure not to cut the budget salary until the project has been contracted.
Ibu Ani familiar greeting apologized due to little commotion arising from this plan of budget cuts. According to him, the government will continue to monitor day-to-day budget revenues that budget cuts are no longer occur.

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If I have money I will be happy. But we are currently monitoring day by day. This relates to the credibility of the state treasurer, he said in the Budget Board meeting, Tuesday (30/08/2016) night.
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Ibu Ani also apologized if these budget cuts create inconvenience for all parties whose budget is trimmed.
We apologize if this causes discomfort. But later on I hope that each ministry could really be serious in budget planning, he concluded.

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