Delisting plan, BEI Shares Suspension SOBI

Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) conduct suspension in PT Sorini Agro Asia Corporindo (SOBI). The suspension is made because the company’s desire to exit from the stock exchange.

Launch openness issued IDX in Jakarta, Monday (15/08/2016), the suspension is done because SOBI plans to become a private company or go private and do delisting from the stock exchange.

Sorini Agro Official Rule 99.99% Saritanam PratamaLaba SOBI Shares Down 46% So Rp45 MRugi Exchange, SOBI Net Profit Down So Rp30,2 Billion

Therefore, the exchange decided to suspend the company’s securities trading throughout the market that came into effect today until further notice.

To that end, the exchange asked the interested parties to always pay attention to disclosure of information submitted by PT Sorini Agro Asia Corporindo (SOBI).

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