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Jakarta: Drinking a cup of coffee every day could actually make you live longer, the researchers said as quoted Dailymail.
A unique investigation was conducted to determine ways it can help people reach the age of 100 years even if they have high blood pressure. The answer is revealed is to drink a cup of coffee every day. People who drank one or two cups per day had a degree of elasticity of arteries better than those who only drank a little coffee or no coffee never touches.
The subject of research are residents aged 65 to 100 years on the island of Ikaria in Greece. The island was known by the nickname the island of longevity and a third of the population reaches the age of 90 years. Uniquely in this island none of the elderly suffering from dementia (dementia).
Penelitik of the University of Athens took a sample of 485 people who have pemyakit high blood pressure, medically known as hypertension. Hypertension makes the heart load increases and consequently no longer pliable blood vessels and reduced elasticity. In advanced stages, the state will increase the likelihood of heart attack and stroke.
Dr Christina Chrysohoou, who led the study, said there is conflicting evidence on the effects of coffee drinking to heart health. Some research suggests that coffee drinking aggravate high blood pressure. However, drank coffee had become embedded as a tradition in Greek culture so it is important to examine the association of coffee drinking on the island with high life expectancy. Chrysohoou said.
The blood vessels of the subjects studied suppleness and elasticity. About 56 percent of coffee drinkers are categorized moderate coffee consumption of one to two cups a day, has a good vascular health, with their blood flow similar to a younger crowd. Their blood vessels more elastic than from people who have little or no coffee consumption.
One out of ten people who drank three or more cups of coffee a day at most lower flexibility darahnya.Temuan vessel was launched at the congress of the European Society of Cardiology in Stockholm. Dr Chrysohoou said the average coffee drinker consumes 25-50 ml of coffee a day. She estimated the content of coffee include caffeine and antioxidants may improve blood vessel function by increasing the ability to absorb nitric oksit, the absorption is impaired in hypertensive patients. However, drinking too much coffee can cause the loss of that impact. (DM / Ant / ARI)

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