Easy Steps to Overcome Floor Moisture

The floor of the house, both made of wood, ceramic or other materials often have problems of moisture. Damp floor of the house can be the cause of disease due to the growth of various fungi and bakteri.Lantai damp caused by water from the soil, emerging and perk up. The emergence of proficiency level of water caused by a layer of mortar on the floor that is not watertight.

10 Step Exterminate Bau in RumahJangan underestimate Goat Meat, Garage Sale Prices Could Drop AndaHOT PROPERTY Uses Wood for Interior and Exterior RumahUntuk cope with tiled floors were damp, tools and materials as well as process steps can be followed as follows. Excerpted from the book Home Repairing Damage Easy Solution to Overcome House essay Griya Creation, Tools and materials you need to prepare is a sheet of plastic, sand, cement, and cement spoon. First, when a water-resistant flooring, simply close the grout with water-resistant material. For floors that are not watertight, such as parquet flooring, lift the floor on a surface area of ​​up to a layer of moist sand backfill. Second, seal the surface of the sand earlier by using plastic sheets. Give water-resistant species with a ratio of cement and sand spesi 12. With a thickness of about 3 cm. If so, replace the floor as before. Good luck!

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