Entrepreneur Reveals Different Soybean Imports & Local

Weakening Rupiah make tempeh and tofu entrepreneurs who are members of Association of Indonesian Tofu Tempe Producers Cooperative (Gakoptido) quite dizzy. Because the soybean Indonesia is still largely met from imports, because the price of local soybean expensive.

Chairman Gakoptido, Syarifuddin Aip, explaining local soybean could be the solution, local soybean has a thinner skin. So when cooked taste more fresh (fresh).

Both he got it more fragrant than the fragrance of imported soybean. It was also more legit. Recently more water content. If made out of local soybean much better than imports, Sharif said after menemu Minister of Industry Saleh Husin at the Ministry of Industry, Jakarta, Monday (31/08/2015).

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However, he said the local soybean has some drawbacks, namely first local soybean has no standard size, so there is a big no small seeds.

Both local soybean farmers are still not educated. That is, postharvest still a lot of material carried in soy existing branches, twigs. Occasionally mix the soil, we must continue to take it, he explained.

If it’s already clean soybean imports already dikarungin we just take it. But yes if for quality, nice stay local, he added.

However, Syraif deplore local soybean production is only 500,000 tons. According to him, this is due to the constraints of limited land. But we are ready to really absorb local soybeans, he said.

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