Finance Minister Amnesty Very Simple Tax Form

Finance Minister Regulation (PMK) Number 118 Year 2016 about Procedures and Procedures for Tax Amnesty was launched by Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro. According to Bambang, the PMK is set regarding the procedures for filling out a form tax amnesty.
There are some PMK, but that came out today about the procedure and to the implementing tax amnesty. In it there is a sample form that is used is very simple, stuffing is not a lot, said Bambang in an exclusive interview with Channel IDX IDX Building, Jakarta, Monday (18/07/2016).

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According to Bambang, the tax amnesty pendaftaraan form is simple, then the taxpayer (WP) which has a list of assets completed in line with the correct data. It also will not request a copy of the attachment.
I am also not ask for proof of evidence attached photocopy, baseball. We give confidence to the participants. So he ngisi if no certificate number enter the number. The important thing is clear and complete. Because there are articles in the law, which is incomplete or not included convey his treasure treasure discovered in 2015 and then imposed a fine of 200, he said.

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