Finance Minister Thank You Believe in Government

Minister of Finance (Finance) Sri Mulyani said the success of the tax amnesty program (tax amnesty) period I ended today, a feedback (feedback) is happy for the government. Therefore, this could be the basic steps for the government to undertake the necessary steps in tax reform.

Although the tax amnesty period I was successful enough, the government will not be satisfied until that point alone. However, he said the government will continue to improve for the implementation of which is getting better.

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We are grateful to the people who want to perform. When they trust the government, this is an encouraging reaction. This feedback is happy for the things that are necessary for tax reform. Whether the terms of the Act, apparatus, bureaucracy and discipline, he said in the Office of DJP, Jakarta, Friday (30/09/2016).

Then, she said, especially coupled with the tax ratio (tax ratio) will increase in the next year. Not to mention the economic growth is expected to rise due to the passage of this tax amnesty and the overall government budget.

The tax ratio will rise next year. Economic growth as I say certainly from our taxes and the overall budget. For the quarter economic growth 3 and 4 may be only about 5 percent, he said. (DNG)

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