Fix Bonded Logistics Center Industrial Supply

Bonded Logistics Center (PLB) is considered to improve supply chain industry in the country. The facility can also save logistics costs for the industry up to 5-7 percent.

Minister of Industry (Industry) Airlangga Hartanto said, PLB are not limited to commodity so that the company could take the logistics in real time.

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So, the PLB is capable of improving the supply chain and prepare for entry to the Industry 4.0, he said in Jakarta.

According to him, PLB will help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to take the goods in retail. Another benefit is ensuring the supply capacity of raw materials, production processing time is faster, and reduce inventory needs of the company.
The value chain industry should not be any interference so that the sustainability of the industry can continue to run well and competitiveness. The government is also seeking to lower the cost of energy infrastructure to boost the competitiveness of industry in Indonesia, he explained.

Airlangga also reminded the industry players in the country to prepare for the era of Industry 4.0.

This era requires industry players to change the manufacturing process by integrating an online-based system in a production chain.

Industry 4.0 makes the manufacturing process runs with the Internet as the main support, he said.

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