Government Status Quo Problem Chinese citizens

  10 Years of Reform Indonesia, government policy is considered not much in favor of the Chinese people in Indonesia. In fact, government policies are still rated status quo. So it has formally changed but the substance has not. The government is still the status quo, said a member of the Central Board Assembly Mahayana Buddhism Indonesia Aggi Tjetje when contacted Legal, Thursday (7/2/2008). According to him, the discrimination still looks the enactment of Law No. 1 of 1965 on the government only recognizes six religions in Indonesia. With the enactment of the law, religious China is not recognized. It is clear that, as a recognized ethnic Chinese race but religion is not recognized. The law should be revised, this indicates the discrimination, but also human rights, he said. However, the recognition of oppression and violence against ethnic Chinese have been reduced dramatically compared to New Order era. Now there is no oppression and no violence occurred. New Order era, a lot of oppression, and the current era is not the oppression ,. But it was not his government has changed but the times are changing, he said.

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