Hary Tanoe Indonesia Average Economic Slowdown

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BENGKULU – CEO of MNC Group Hary Tanoesoedibjo, said Indonesia’s current economic doldrums. This condition is characterized by Indonesia was not able to export oil. This condition is also affected by the slowing of the world economy today.

He also said Indonesia’s economy began to slow down to 6.5 per cent, this was the lowest in over 25 years. As a result of this decline in the economy slowing. Plus today the acquisition of the country of export declined sharply.

” Oil and gas exports fell. So, we must improve the competitiveness, quality production, so that the economy back up, ” said Hary, a public lecture in a public lecture at the Aula IAIN Bengkulu, with the theme to build Indonesia’s economy faced Global Competition, in the hall IAIN Bengkulu, Thursday (17 / 3/2016).

Hary explained previously Indonesia’s economic growth is very rapid, or growth of 7 percent, of which 65 percent is the contribution of the commodity, oil. However, he said, the oil and gas in this case is not a mainstay Indonesia again. Related to this, the light Hary, Indonesia can compete as long as there is a policy. Like, give benefits offered SOE.

” Raised its short-term Indonesian economy by increasing the purchasing power of people, ” explained Hary.

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