Hope Entrepreneur Holding SOE Problem

Plan SOE Holding currently still completed. The plan, holding this rule will be issued through the Government Regulation (PP). So, what the expectations of employers of this state-owned holding?

SOE Holding plans should Assessed UlangTarget Energy Holding Missed SOEs, this word RiniRevisi Minister of Oil and Gas Law, Pertamina So SOE Holding Leader Migas?

Chairman of Kadin Indonesia Rosan P. Roeslani said the state-owned holding is expected to give a multiplier effect for the world. Primarily on the development of the energy sector.

It sbenernya line with security plans for holdingisasikan make large enterprises but which needs to be seen again utility function that needs to be built by this holding. What could be developed for our energy security, said Rosan at Grand Sahid Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (08/09/2016).

In line with Rosan, Chairman of the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo), Hariadi holdingisasi Sukamdani also hope that this can provide benefits for employers. However, state-owned companies are required to not monopolize business activity such as PLN.

The end goal is like, holding useless if there will be distortion. Actually, in the presence of PGN and Pertagas we also draw benefits, he explained.

But if they later become the holding is more efficient or even become like PLN love-love itself. The benefits to this user is becoming more important, Hariadi cap.

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