Independent house with Organic Energy Sources

Shijia – A house in a rural area Shijia, China relied on animal dung, the pig as an energy source. House with red brick walls, dubbed House For All Seasons or home all season. This house was built to encourage local residents to reduce dependence on the outside world. The architect, John Lin, designed the house is rectangular in order to create an independent and innovative house that generates its own energy. Similarly, as quoted from Inhabitat, Thursday (5/7/2012).

Design City Also Need to Involve ArsitekTERPOPULER Peek Form Scandinavian Style Architecture Museum TitanicInterior Makin So TrenRumah design assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong is the principle of sustainability remains beneficial throughout the season. In the rainy season, the roof of the house will accommodate water coming down to earth. Then the water is filtered to filter underneath to be stored in large containers until the end tahun.Ruang under the stairs are wide, allocated to plant crops. Just like any other traditional house, the house structure is partitioned by walls of mud with a concrete frame. The principle of sustainability is useful for reducing energy usage, which is partly supplied by an underground biogas boiler using pig waste. It is also useful to ensure earthquake resistant buildings. The exterior of the building is brick lattice that provides shade and natural ventilation to the interior of the room. Because it uses a lot of green space in one room, belonging to Lin’s design won an award from the Architectural Review, AR House Awards 2012.

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