It Barriers Faced by Small Industries

The Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry) recognizes there are still barriers faced from each actor Kecildan Medium Industries (SMI) .Permasalahan faced is the inconsistency of appropriate quality standards and quality, said the Director General of the Ministry of Industry SME Euis Saedah at the Ministry of Industry, Jakarta, Tuesday (17/09/2013).

MSME Java Interest AsingBank Not-Be Acuh Give credit to UMKMUKM Growing Needs Warehousing NaikEuis added, besides the problems faced by the actors IKM the order fulfillment capabilities are great in a short time become an obstacle meningat average offender SMEs have the capacity produksiyang limited. Therefore, we continue to pass the increase kemampuanSumber Human Resources (HR) SMEs through various training sertamemberikan facilitation assistance program machinery equipment both revitalization and restructuring program to improve the productivity of SMEs, clearly Euis.Di other hand, Euis added problem that too often which faced marketing problems. This is due to the ability of the actors to promote SMEs it is still very lacking, either through the sale of our informasi.Namun any pameranmaupun deployment has also helped many SMEs to melakukanpromosi by facilitating participation in exhibitions both domestically and abroad. Even the presence of the exhibition, Plasa Exhibition Industry has been optimally utilized by the industry, especially SMEs for six consecutive years, he said. (Kie)

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