Land Price List in Bekasi

Bekasi has recently become the subject of conversation in social media. Their discussion topics include Bekasi distant locations. But who would have thought, growth in land prices in Bekasi quite rapidly up to nine percent in the first semester of 2014. Even beat Tangerang which is only five percent. The rising price of land in Bekasi following the entry of large factories such as Jababeka and big developers like Summarecon. However, for the developer Ciputra until now not interested in opening a property project in Bekasi.

Bekasi Design Contest Holds Back Kampung ChinaSiap Rebound, Shutter Time in BekasiBanyak Citizens Property Potential Immigrants, Rented in Bekasi LarisKalau see buffer zones capital city, in fact the area west to Tangerang and Serpong thrive. Bekasi miss, because there are unpredictable market, said Director of Ciputra Group Artadinata Djangkar on Okezone. Then what is the price of land in Bekasi? Here’s the list price of land in a number of locations in Bekasi as quoted from Cushman & Wakefield, Tuesday (10/14/2014) .Grand Travel with a range of 5.4 million – 6.3 million square meters with a range Deltamas City Rp3.5 million per side (average) Kota Harapan Indah with the range of Rp 4.5 million to Rp 8 million per square meter Kota Jababeka with a range of Rp4.5 million-7 million per square meter, Lippo Cikarang range of 4.8 million – 7 million per Bekasi Summarecon square meter on average Rp 9 million.

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