Make Chair of Used Tires

Used tires that you keep in the garage would be a pity if put away. Tires that have been unused it can be used for seating unik.Letakkan in the corner of the room, you can sit back in the seat belt while looking for inspiration by leaning on the desk of the former wrapped boxes of interesting poster.

Sophie Paris Expansion Products Home LivingCara Eliminate Mushrooms and moss in DindingBye-Bye kitchen BerantakanBerikut I make as quoted from the book Creative Interior Solutions’, by Tim Writer Griya Creations, Monday (07/04/2014) .Bahan1. 2. The Board used car tires former kayu3 holder. Poster bekas4. Cans of paint colors 5. Glue 6. How membuat1. The first step is to clean up scrap tires beforehand so easy in painting. Sapuluh used tires with paint using a brush. Dry the tires for one day and one night. After that, stacked tires and paste with kuat.2. To be placed at the very top can be used planks of wood that is cut circular. For more comfortable again, it can be used the seat cushions. In order to appear more attractive bench, can be harmonized with a table no less unique. A table can be made of tin or cardboard coated former poster interesting.

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