Mug Coffee in Sarang Office desk Germs,

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Wash at Home Everyone has one cup (mug) in the workplace for daily use. Reusing your coffee cup at the office many times it can carry germs Expert kuman.Seorang United States suggest that you bring home and wash your mug with benar.Keseringan, we wash with a sponge mug in the office that has been used by everyone. Conditions that could carry the bacteria. Charles Gerba, Ph.D., a professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona, told Menshealth, 20 percent of mugs carry fecal bacteria. Dah he suggested, while drinking a cup of coffee at the office, do not let your cup more than an hour or more silent granted. Wash immediately at least, wash with hot water, soap and paper towels. If it sits on your desk without being washed after use, the bacteria will begin to reproduce. And colonies of bacteria grow even when the cup does not contain anything other than a circle of used coffee, said Gerba. Colonies of bacteria living in your favorite cup. And 90 percent include other germs, he said. That is why, to clean the cup in your office that superpenting. Bring home the cup every day to be washed in the dishwasher, and make sure to dry, using the hottest temperatures and germs disappeared. That’s because in the office most people tend to clean their cups with bacteria-laden sponge or rubbing, not in the dishwasher. Bacteria can transfer to mugs and stayed for three days, obviously Porfesor Upi Gerba was quoted as saying on Sunday (24/02/2013) If you do not have a dishwasher, according Mamapedia, first fill your cup with hot water and insert one spoon teaspoon baking soda in it, leave it overnight. Then, wash with hot water as biasa.Gerba said on previous research found in the office, the phone becomes the object in the office most bacteria, followed by desktops, keyboards, mice, fax machines, and fotokopo. While a little objects that bacteria are the toilet seat. (Mel / IGW)

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