Observe BEI pattern Stock Transactions BCIP

Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) is observing the development of the transaction patterns of PT Bumi Citra Permai Tbk (BCIP) as it moves out of the ordinary or unusual market activity (UMA).

We inform you that there has been a decline in prices and an increase in the activity of BCIP stock out of the ordinary, said Head of Transaction Monitoring Division of BEI Irvan Susandy in a press release here on Wednesday.

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He argues, recent information published by the management of Bumi Citra Permai Tbk to the Stock Exchange that on 7 September 2016 concerning the registration holder’s monthly statements or changes in the shareholder structure.

In connection with the UMA on the stock, BEI expects investors to pay attention to the answers of companies listed on Bursa confirmation requests, and observe the performance and disclosure.

In addition, investors are expected to review the company’s corporate action plan if the plan has not been approved by the AGM. And, considering the various possibilities that could arise in the future before making an investment decision.

UMA announcement does not necessarily indicate violations of the laws and regulations in the areas of capital markets, he said.

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