Pink beautiful mosque in Philippines

MANILA – Many ways in which Muslims in the world to welcome the month of Ramadan. One of them by cleaning the mosque to be used as a place of worship. In the Philippines, there is a unique way to attract people to want to worship to the mosque, the mosque by painting with colors pink.Masjid located in Maguindanao, Cotabato Philippines is a mosque in the paint with the world’s first pink color. Pink mosque was inaugurated by the mayor of Maguindanao, Samsodin Dimaukom. Construction of the mosque was financed by Samsudin itself, for the donation parcel of land owned him and his family.

Design City Also Need to Involve ArsitekTERPOPULER Peek Form Scandinavian Style Architecture Museum TitanicInterior Makin So TrenDipilihnya pink color is not without reason, the color pink is considered to have the meaning of peace, brotherhood, love and unity. Mosque located in the city center is expected to become a meeting place for people throughout the province of Maguindanao. In addition, through this mosque brotherhood between people more closely. Thus quoted from Philstar, Tuesday (07/01/2014). Besides being a place of worship, the mosque can also be used as a venue for spiritual travel for tourists from Malaysia, Brunei, UAE, and Turkey. The Filipinos famous for its hospitality, it makes the tourists convenient to visit this city.

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