Planning Starbucks Coffee Mug Can Use Recyclable,

manfaat kopi tubuh
Jakarta Starbucks will try to use coffee cups that can be recycled in order to combat waste and waste.
Companies from the United States respond to the concerns of citizens will trash coffee mug reached 2.5 billion dumped into landfills or burned in incinerators every year in the UK.

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During this time, almost everyone thought the coffee cups were given to buyers across Starbucks stores can be recycled along with waste paper.
But, in fact 399 of 400 cups can not be recycled because they are made from layers of plastic, which means they can not be processed.
Now, the British businessman Martin Myerscough has developed Frugalpac cup that can be recycled.
The coffee cups that have so far made of a thin plastic membrane floating current paper recycling process occurs, it means the material can be reshaped and used again.
The problem many cups of coffee waste that is not recycled it has hit the headlines earlier this year when the anti-waste campaigners and cook Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall launched a campaign against waste coffee cup.
As a result of her efforts, Starbucks agreed to offer to its customers, rebates worth 50 pence (about Rp8600) for the price of the drinks if they bring their own cups.
Now, as a further step, Starbucks agreed to run trials using the new green cup.
One representative said: We are very interested in finding out more about the cups Frugalpac and we’ll test her to determine whether it meets the cup safety and quality standards with the recycling experiments.
More than 2.5 billion cups of coffee – made from pure paper which processed more than 100,000 trees – felled in the UK each year.
If the cups are lined up, the cup will be around the world up to five and a half times and weighing as heavy as a warship.
Packaging industry and large coffee retailer launched a Manifesto Paper Cup in June with the aim of increasing the reuse and recycling of paper cups.
The manifesto has more than 30 signatories comprising suppliers, factories, waste treatment leading brands, termasukStarbucks, McDonald’s and Costa.
Coffee cup campaign was also aired in the BBC documentary, Hugh’s War on Waste: The Battle Continues, which will air Thursday next week.

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