Polaroid Instant Film Factories Close

BOSTON – After not producing instant camera, the Polaroid finally closed the factory making its instant film in some countries that followed the dismissal of 450 karyawannya.Puncak of digital and analog apparently war should end with the closure of the factory belonging to Polaroid instant film spread in Massachusetts, Mexico and the Netherlands. Whereas before, the Polaroid’s instant cameras also first have to enter the museum a few years since the digital boom in the 2000s Polaroid an.Namun this year will still survive with approximately 150 employees working at its headquarters in Boston. In fact, since 1978 Polaroid has approximately 21,000 employees and the company to lay off its production of instant cameras lalu.Penutupan two years since this plant was confirmed Fujifilm as the only company that produces instant films in this digital era. However Polaroid instant film stock still available until the end of the near’re working to fix the Polaroid so it can stand up to 30 to 40 years into the future. And we hope Polaroid can survive from other business units, said President and COO and CFO of Polaroid Tom Beaudoin, as quoted by the Washington Post online, Monday (02/11/2008) .Polaroid did have sales of products other than instant cameras and films like TV, DVD player, digital photo frames, cameras and music players MP3.Sejak emergence of digital cameras, Polaroid conventional film camera sales globally plummeted approximately 25 to 30 percent per year. Though Polaroid introduced its first instant camera in 1948. At that time, only a Polaroid that can deliver a camera that can simultaneously print in just five minutes.

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