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Depok – Depok Metro Police Officers seized new evidence when approaching again the location of the crime scene (TKP) murder by using poison potassium sianide, Wednesday (5/10).
The new evidence that two plastic cups and used car tires. Suspect Anton Hardiyanto undergo reworking in two places in a field in Kampung Serab, District Cilodong, and in college location in Jalan Aji Satria M. Yusuf, District Sukmajaya.
Two plastic cups and tires were taken as evidence from the field after the suspect showed how to kill the victim.
Two plastic cups were used to give the suspect a coffee that has been mixed with poison, said Metro Police Chief Depok Police Commissioner Harry Kurniawan in Depok, West Java, on Thursday (6/10).
Harry said the suspect remove the remaining toxic coffee to tires used cars in the field. In the used car tires that are the remaining coffee toxic discarded by the suspect Anton.
Further revealed police chief suspect Anton demonstrates how attractive gold bullion invisibly. It makes Shendy Eko Budianto and Ahmad Sanusi interested. However, when Anton asks Avanza B 2963 TFT as dowry, Sanusi refused because the car was everyday wear for a taxi online.
The rejection was made Anton Anton kill both of them and want to master the Toyota Avanza belonging Sanusi. Using plastic cups, Anton gives the coffee that had mixed poison fish / potassium. Soon the two men died after drinking the coffee.
Previously, Anton Hardiyanto (35) perpetrators of the murder of Shendy Eko Budianto and Ahmad Sanusi killed both victims using poison potassium sianide which he presented in the form of coffee a glass dish on Saturday (1/10). Shendy and Sanusi corpses dumped in the District of Limo in two different locations.
Anton is the leader of Universities Satria Aji who commit fraud can multiply mode with gold. Anton kill Shendy and Sanusi because Shendy want to master-owned car. Anton was arrested by Police in Lampung on Sunday (2/10) in cooperation with Metro Police Depok and Central Java police in Lampung when the car will sell Toyota Avanza belonging Shendy in Lampung.
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