Post-incident Toxic Coffee, Cafe Olivier Precisely Makin Laku Megapolitan

Jakarta – The cafe manager Olivier Devi said post-occurrence of toxic coffee case that killed Wayan miRNA Salihin, Iced Coffee Vietnam more and more are ordered.
Initially reduced. After 2 months the customer back again. The coffee is initially not very salable, 10 to 15 glasses per day. But, since this incident the more that message, Devi said when testifying in the trial continued poisonous coffee case, at the Central Jakarta District Court, Jalan Bungur Besar Raya, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (27/7).
It is said Devi, coffee and water used to make ice Olivier Cafe Coffee Vietnam hygienic.
After the incident also came BPOM check. But no problem. I check everything from expired date up to the quality, everything is no problem, he said.
According to him, the coffee used domestic goods and purchased from suppliers are still in the form of coffee beans.
Coffee products in the country of Banyuwangi. A different presentation such as Vietnam coffee. The coffee we take from the supplier. They also supply to other eateries. Buy coffee paketan one kilo. Fried (baked / roasted), still shaped seeds, he said.
He added that for the weekend café Olivier coffee stock pretty much 6 to 8 kilograms.
Monday-Thursday but if we do not stock a lot. Stock coffee stored in the bar there is a kayak storage closet, it is stored there. Stored there is no coffee beans, snack bar, milk, and more. No chemical goods, except dishwashing soap, he explained.
He asserted, as the manager himself always control the stock of goods needed.
I always control. But, if you like the coffee we did not try. If it’s not good, it looks. Still layered oil. If it is not fresh her dull, he said.
The judges then asked related Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) how to manufacture Iced Coffee Vietnam.
Devi was explained at length. There are two SOP, the first general and the second for employee training. The new person should not make a drink first, he said.
It is not my intention. How SOP coffee making, the Judge asked Kisworo.
Devi returned explained, making Vietnamese Iced Coffee can be flexible. Ice could come first or milk first.
If it is not SOP. Defaults how. If flexibility is not SOP name. You do not widened, meaning it is not clear about this SOP Olivier, chimes Judge Binsar.
Responding to it, Devi claimed, was like that standard. Flexible be ice first, then coffee or vice versa.
Stop it. You do not ngeyel. Your men previously stated there SOP. So which is which? If flexibility is not SOP, said Kisworo.
Furthermore, the judges ask another question related to whether Devi see the color of coffee and more. The trial was postponed while for lunch and prayer.
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