Pregnant Women Avoid caffeinated beverages,

kopi untuk wanita hamil
Not Just Coffee woman who likes to drink coffee in the morning is usually difficult to break the habit. However, if the woman is pregnant, consider stopping the habit. Drinks containing caffeine is not just coffee. Tea and chocolate included in dalamnya.Penelitian at 60 thousand women found that although stimulant contained already low, the baby is still at risk of low birth weight than diharapkan.Kopi is the source of most of the coffee consumed by women. But, if avoided, usually a woman will choose tea dah cokelat.Situs news British Guardian, Tuesday (19/02/2013), reported that the Norwegian Institute of Public Health issued a report stating, consumption of 200-300 mg of caffeine per day increases the risk of giving birth a small baby. A child who is expected to be born with an average birth weight of 3.6 kg will lose 21-28 grams for every 100 mg of caffeine consumed by his mother every hari.Demikian delivered in the journal BMC Medicine. Caffeine from any source seems to reduce weight were born in the UK Food Standards Agency advise pregnant women to limit their caffeine intake of no more than 200mg per day. A survey conducted by the finding, a cup of coffee contains about 140 mg kafein.Verena Sengpiel, at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden, said the lower limit caffeine seems also not enough. If a woman wants to be careful, it must be separated from drinks containing caffeine. We did not find the threshold of milligrams of caffeine with increasing gestational age, Sengpiel said. If a woman wants to be cautious and do not want any trouble should stop consuming caffeine born .The little could be prone to health problems. Including the inability to regulate its temperature and glucose levels darah.Meskipun baby just lost a bit of weight, it is enough to make children born small and becomes perhatian.Penelitian is based on observation, making it impossible to make sure that caffeine causes. But the scientists say, smoking and other factors could also affect the weight lahir.Peneliti plan to follow up the children’s medical records to see if experiencing developmental problems in the early years of life. (Mel / IGW)

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