Price Garlic Still Expensive

YOGYAKARTA – Entering the month of Ramadan, the price of the commodity garlic barely declined significantly. The price of garlic in some markets Yogyakarta remains in its price range Rp34.000-Rp35.000 per kilogram (kg).
At Pasar Kota Gede Yogyakarta, the price of garlic a few days earlier had touched the price of Rp32,000 per kg, now the average rose to Rp35.000 per kg. This increase also followed the price of onion becomes Rp25,000 per kg, white chili Rp9.000 per kg, and carrots Rp12,000 per kg.

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Greengrocer in Pasar Kota Gede, Raharjo Hendro, said shoppers garlic is relatively quiet compared to the previous day when the price is still Rp32.000 per kg.
According to him, the condition is triggered by the increase in prices is uncertain. Prices are still high garlic can cause fewer and fewer buyers, said Hendro.
While a vegetable seller in the market Giwangan, Sudarmi, admitted buyer stable despite the hefty prices of garlic rose.
Yes, quite stable because it needs, said Sudarmi.
Sudarmi said, estab buying will remain stable despite the high price of garlic, what more to address the needs of Ramadan.

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