Property wake in Kemang Increasingly Difficult

Floods in Kemang, South Jakarta happened in the last few days is not the first time.
The area has become a water catchment area. However, due to the rapid growth of the business in the region now Kemang transformed to be a commercial center. (See also Frequently Flood, Kemang Region Stay ‘Section’)

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But now according to Senior Associate Director of Research at Colliers International Indonesia Ferry Salanto, property development in the area has been getting tougher.
Has been restricted is already tight enough that for new construction, but that has been built, it was dismantled again the future is not possible, so the actual prevention of the future has begun there, said Ferry to Okezone in Jakarta.
Ferry admits, if you want to build a better office and retail property in the southern regions is increasingly difficult to collide with the rules of Basic Building Coefficient (KDB). (Read also Kemang, Catchments that now takes center Commercial)
Because now the developers want to build something in selatam Bener difficult, is already very tight, has many square meters of land 1000, only 20 percent of them can be built building, it is also so sensitive, he said.

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