Push Menpar SOE Develop Homestay

The government plans to prioritize the development of 10 tourism destinations in Indonesia. Along with the availability of the accommodation become a necessity that can no longer negotiable. In addition to the hotel, homestay was graded so the alternative of its own.

Waking numbered 2,000 hotel rooms comprising of 220 hotel. To wake it took 5 years but the problem needs a lot and spread, said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya, when the Grand Launching Indonesia Hotel Group, in Jakarta, Wednesday (28/09/2016). (See also Hotel SOEs Requested Cooperation with the International Hotel Chain)

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To that end, Arief claimed, later the State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) such as Housing and state banks can play to develop the property sector.

To wait until people wake room 100 needs to be 5 years. Now this needs to travel that landed homestay. Later Housing, banking can play at this homestay, he said.

According to him, building 1 million homestay is not difficult if you apply the concept of sharing economy are considered most suitable in Indonesia. (Read also Strengthen Network Enterprises Minister Rini Realized Hotel Indonesia Group)

Build one million homestay is not difficult, will be on managing the digital like Airbnb one of them, is one of the solutions that we can choose, I suggest to the developers do not worry about selling only a third of the land it will come back 100 percent, he said.

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