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Manufacturer of bullets and bombs PT Pindad (Persero) will increase the capacity and quality of the products. President Director of PT Pindad Silmy Karim said that demand for its products rises to 40 percent.
Loads of it. It is no bullets, armored cars. There is an increasing demand to PINDAD least 40 percent, said Silmy at the Ministry of Enterprise, Jakarta, Monday (12/22/2014).

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According Silmy, most desirable products such as bullets, combat vehicles, until a weapon. It is a routine orders received by Pindad.

This continuous current needs of the figures I forget the details, when it produced 250-an armored vehicle, he said.
Nevertheless, he has not been able to ensure increased rates of capacity Pindad products.
Capacity lot of the products I’ll be afraid of. Clearly there are assorted bullets. Clearly there is potential to grow even PINDAD no direction from Mr. Andi Widjajanto (Cabinet Secretary) expressed PINDAD capacity should be increased by 40 percent. The capacity of all kinds, he said.

According to him, certainly this increase will be made in 2015. It is due to the direction of the Cabinet Secretariat.
Immediately means, capacity. It Setkab letter to the Ministry of Defense, the military to improve its request to lift Pindad, he explained.

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