Redialindo Independent Suspension Revoked

Indonesia Stock Exchange revoke the suspension (unsuspend) Redialindo stock trading PT Mandiri.

Starting from the first trading session on Monday (26/9) early last week, PT Mandiri allowed Redialindo resume activity on the stock exchange, said Director of BEI, Samsul Hidayat in a press release in Jakarta.

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Furthermore, based on the results of tests carried out exchanges, known MKBD companies dated 20 September 2016 has met the minimum threshold value MKBD required in Bapepam-LK (FSA) No. V.D.5 concerning maintenance and reporting of Net Adjusted Working Capital.

For your information, BEI suspension to one Redialindo securities companies namely PT Mandiri. This suspension is done because of reporting delays of capital by the company.

Launch disclosure published on the Stock Exchange, the suspension is applied because the company has not delivered Reporting Net Adjusted Working Capital (NAWC) should be entered on June 27, but until now it has not been delivered.

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