Retired civil servant Cancel to THR

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Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro asserted retired civil servants do not get a salary to 14 or Allowance (THR). Whereas before, a retired civil servant gets THR planned but not 100 percent of the basic salary. Bambang said retired civil servants will only receive a 13th month salary.

As is known, the government is currently preparing the disbursement of salaries to the 13th and 14th salary (THR) for civil servants. This extra payment will be disbursed next week.

If pensioners salaries of the 13, short Bambang in his office, Friday (17/06/2016).

Bambang asserted, THR is only given to active employees.

THR is for active employees and this is the first time we love. So if you want to take a look to the future we shall see, he said.

Earlier, Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (minister-RB) yuddy Chrisnandi said the 13th salary and the salaries of all 14 this will not only be accepted by civil servants. The retired civil servants will also be able to receive the 13th salary and THR.

According yuddy, this salary scale will be adjusted to the basic salary of retired civil servants. Later, the 13th salary and THR will be given by 70 percent of the basic salary.

(Retired) can, usually when pension amount is calculated that about 70 percent of the basic salary, so if he THR is also 70 per cent of the basic salary, yuddy said when met at the State Palace, Jakarta.

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